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Relating to the needs of families takes a special kind of understanding; one which is nurtured over years by knowing what is most important.

At J.P. Ward & Sons, our understanding of family care comes from our highly experienced and compassionate staff working together under the guidance of Philip Ward, Brenda Ward and Joe Redmond, responding to each family’s needs as if they were our very own.

Our service is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

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Why families turn to us?

We take a personal interest. At our firm, we make it a point to be available to you round the clock. We believe that the most valuable thing we own cannot be seen or touched. It is the goodwill of the people we have served. The people who recommend us to their families and friends.


We recognise a time of need can be overwhelming. We are always here to listen, advise and assist.


Our first priority is seeing to your family’s needs. All arrangements are made with compassion and discretion.


During times of grief, relatives and friends gather for support. The purpose of the funeral is comforting mourners as well as honouring and showing respect for the deceased.

JP Ward & Sons believe in offering each family – regardless of faith, ethnic background or income, the same support that we ourselves would expect. We carefully listen to family requests in order to provide a truly meaningful, personalised service. Each family that turns to us is given guidance in choosing a service that is appropriate for them.

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