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Religious & Civil Funerals

J.P. Ward & Sons have over three generations of experience as funeral directors and have a deep understanding of the customs and traditions of many religious faiths as they relate to funerals, including those of faiths which are relatively new to Ireland.

Some families prefer to have civil funerals or religious funerals, both of which we have extensive experience in arranging.

Civil funerals or a humanist funeral service, do not contain any religious content and are designed by families with the assistance of a civil or humanist celebrant. A humanist funeral service will usually consist of eulogies, music, poems and words of remembrance.

A civil service can combine religious content with the family's own choices of music, speeches, poems and words of remembrance.

In all cases, we will arrange for a suitable celebrant who can facilitate, guide and assist with ceremony. We can also advise on suitable locations. 

If you have any questions about planning religious or civil funerals, our experienced directors will be more than happy to assist you in the planning and preparations.

We have vast experience in organising civil and religious funerals. Get in touch with us